Entry: Introvert Boomer Male Reboot Checklist Aug 4, 2017

IBM* Restart (*Introvert Boomer Male) As an Introvert Boomer Male, I don't feel mature, and I don't feel like my world is over. I'm just baffled. When did I make a decision to relax? All of those pump up books shoved down our throats by crazy extroverts have done pretty much nothing for IBMs.. Leave it to semi-frauds like Napoleon Hill to make you feel like a failure if you can't think and grow rich. As a general rule, self-help pablum tends to make us all feel like failures when we can't move in some self-anointed guru's footsteps. Perhaps more than once. Thoughts and feelings about not being adequate rot your self-esteem from the inside out. Daily living gets in the way of living a wonderful life. Chatter in my brain makes it very difficult to evaluate my life. I want to compare my lot in life to others I have known. I've had some superb jobs. And I've settled for shitty jobs when I needed the money. But I have yet to live the life I quietly want. We have all learned to swap the judgement of others for our own. Your personal opinion is as least as worthy as that of others. Value it. No one is perfect. We all move through life the most appropriate way we can. Slipups are unavoidable. I choose the IBM* (Introvert Boomer Male) Reboot quite frankly because I am one. I share these ideas as I walk the walk. We don't know how much time any of us has on Earth. Time is of the essence. As baby boomers, we’re not finished. Not by a long shot. I don’t know where feelings of uncertainty and low self-worth crept in. But it doesn’t matter. You can only begin a journey from where you are at today. I will share tips and practices and strategies and rituals I use to maximize my health, wealth, and relationships. These techniques may work for you. They may not. We create our own jails and prisons. Given enough time and information, we can fix almost any problem. Your problems can be almost anything from taking care of elderly parents to obesity to being flat broke. Only you know. Here are some of the concerns we will handle: 1. Revive your life style, or life theme, and start living the life you desire. 2. Let go of the perception that you are not good enough. You have all the tools you need to thrive. 3. Trust your gut. Take action. 4. Being rejected is not avoidable. Deal with it and move on. 5. Stop comparing yourself to others and be the best you you can be. 6. Break the cycle of self-defeat and lack of success that is causing you unnecessary pain. 7. Build the perfect you one small action at a time. 8. Achieve gratification and fulfillment in your intimate relationships. This article and upcoming reports and ebooks are created to move you away from ground zero and on to the life you deserve. The road to recovery and reboot is a fantastic path, and I welcome the company and accountability. Chaz Lamm http://chazlamm.com When you are an introvert, male, and born between 1946 1964, you really are one of us. Come over to http://introvertboomermale.com and subscribe among the sidebar form to be given upcoming posts by email. We, greater than anyone, be respectful to your privacy.


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